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"Diamond Touch's approach meets the needs of silicon suppliers looking to increase tool uptime and yield, but it is especially attractive to makers of micromachines, III-V and II-VI materials because the scribe and fracture is a completely dry process, eliminating hazardous waste. It allows near-zero contamination levels on the wafer following fracture. The elimination of DI water also saves the investment in cooling water, chillers and disposal." Laura Peters -- Semiconductor International, 4/1/2002

"It is hard to imagine disruption of conventional wafer-to-tape mounting carriers used with wafer dicing in semiconductor assembly, but a newly patented wafer mounting technique (US patent 6,383,606, May 7, 2002 from Diamond Touch Technology Inc. (DTTI), Prescott Valley, AZ, brings a whole new set of capabilities and productivity to dicing and scribing." -PB 13-May-02 WaferNEWS V.9.19


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